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Doug Carragher serves with his wife Debbie.

We at Wounded Spirits know the pain and suffering that those with PTSD are dealing with. They feel alone, isolated, thinking that there is no one that understands, and nothing that can help. 

But we know the opposite is true. Our trained and experienced counselors at Wounded Spirits, most of whom have overcome the struggles associated with PTSD themselves, stand ready to help. Through the hope that is found in Jesus Christ, and the principles found in the Bible, we are working to change the lives of those struggling with PTSD. 

As a Christian charity, Wounded Spirits Ministries works in communities across the country and around the world, through local churches, camps, and retreats. Our vision is to provide emotional and spiritual healing for those struggling with the effects of PTSD, and train leaders to deal with this debilitating disorder. 


PO Box 554
Winona Lake, IN 46590

Phone:  757-615-0174


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