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Passion Week Meditation - Thursday, Pastor Brad Nelson

John 19:28 “I thirst”

The irony of this statement is thick. The one said to possess the “living water” is now thirsty. In this moment Jesus is experiencing the thirst of separation from God. He is being tormented as one is tormented in the flames of hell fire (Luke 16:24). Why would Jesus endure this agony? For you! Jesus experienced spiritual thirst so the thirst of mankind might be quenched.

In our lost state, all of humanity experiences an unrelenting spiritual thirst. We are parched, and long to have our thirst quenched. We search for satisfaction, but it evades us. We try relationships, possessions, new careers, clothes, hobbies, fitness, parties, and even religion, but they all leave us dry. There are many types of liquid out there which claim to satisfy, but what we really need is the living water (John 4:10). Jesus promises us if we are thirsty we can come to him and he’ll give us to drink (John 7:37). He assures us that if we will believe on him we will never thirst again (John 6:35).

It’s time to stop your futile search for a magical thirst quenching liquid in the things of this world. Believe on Jesus. Drink from the wells of his living water and finally have your thirst quenched.

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